Obama sends our Honey/Money to our enemies. Netanyahu sends Honeywell cluster bombs.

Israel, you should not listen to anyone, especially the United Nations and Obama. Just Do It! Eliminate the problem now or Hamas will only grow stronger and comeback tomorrow. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. We are behind you. Take care of Iran next, our President won’t.

America Is Doomed! The idiots have outbred the wise!

When unsuccessful people vote to re-elect an unsuccessful President, and successful people vote to elect a successful Candidate …and the successful LOOSE! It’s all over!

About 1% of the people on Earth are born with high intelligence. 99% of the people on Earth are born with average or below average intelligence. This explains the protesters of 99 percenters vs the 1 percenters. It also explains why Obama won. The political system needs to be changed or the United States will not thrive nor survive.

Obama is not the problem!

Obama is not the problem!

The problem is all the idiots that voted for him! The President is only one person, but he represents the mentality and IQ of all his followers.