Most voters do not know if they are Democrat or Republican. They vote because of emotion or need, rarely logic.

I never voted until age 35-36. I had no interest and did not know anything about politics, therefore, did not want to vote and cancel out someone who knew more. As I became more successful and felt the burden of taxes and regulations, I began to pay more attention, but did not know the difference between a Democrat and Republican. As I matured and became more interested in watching news and talk shows, I remember how that I decided that I was a Republican …while watching politicians being interviewed on different talk shows, when they spoke, I remember many times thinking, “What an idiot!” …about one, and “I agree with almost everything” …about the other, and then their names along with Democrat or Republican came up at the bottom of the screen while they were talking. I then realized that my mindset was more in line with the Republicans. This happened many times. My conclusion was that Democrats made very few intelligent comments or decisions with depth, so that is how I became a Republican.