Crisis in Ukraine: The World Reacts. Obama Acts.

Crisis in Ukraine: The World Reacts. Obama Acts.

Obama acts concerned, but lack of ideas and actions show little concern.

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US Pays Russia To Invade Ukraine

US Pays Russia To Invade Ukraine

  1. Russia subsidizes/discounts natural gas that it sells to Ukraine.
  2. Russia invades Ukraine.
  3. Russia  cancels these subsidies/discounts.
  4. US promises $1,000,000,000 to Ukraine to pay Russia for the increased costs of Natural Gas.
  5. US borrows $1,000,000,000 from China (which supports Russia). American taxpayers will pay back this loan with interest.
  6. Russia uses the $1,000,000,000 to finance it’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin is a World Class Businessman. Obama is an Unsuccessful Insurance Salesman.


List Of Top Conservative Hashtags Used On Twitter

Hashtags are basically keywords, and are used in tweets to help get more exposure to your message. Anyone searching Twitter for the hashtags that you include in your message, may see your tweet.

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Most Used:

#tcot = Top Conservatives on Twitter

#tlot = Top Libertarians on Twitter

#ocra = Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance

#gop = Republican Party




Highly Used:

#right = Republican Party

#sgp = Smart Girl Politics

#hhrs = Hugh Hewitt Show

#rush = Rush Limbaugh

#secede = Secede From Union of United States

#secession = Secede From Union of United States

#secedefromunion = Secede From Union of United States


Moderately Used:

#icon = Independent Conservatives

#xcot = Christian Conservatives on Twitter

#tpot = Top Patriots on Twitter

#tpp = Tea Party Patriots

#OpSLAM = Stop the Lying A** Media

#catcot = California Top Conservatives on Twitter

#hcr = Health Care Reform





#transparency = Government transparency and accountability

#statebooks = State budget and economic news

#bailout = Federal bailouts of the financial industry

#heritage = Heritage Foundation

#atr = Americans for Tax Reform

#libertarian = Libertarian ideas

#rebuild =  Rebuild the Republican party




Used often by Conservatives  with negative comments to Liberals:

#p2 = Progressives






If you have suggestions or know other popular hashtags used by Conservatives, Please add them in the comments form below.

Most voters do not know if they are Democrat or Republican. They vote because of emotion or need, rarely logic.

I never voted until age 35-36. I had no interest and did not know anything about politics, therefore, did not want to vote and cancel out someone who knew more. As I became more successful and felt the burden of taxes and regulations, I began to pay more attention, but did not know the difference between a Democrat and Republican. As I matured and became more interested in watching news and talk shows, I remember how that I decided that I was a Republican …while watching politicians being interviewed on different talk shows, when they spoke, I remember many times thinking, “What an idiot!” …about one, and “I agree with almost everything” …about the other, and then their names along with Democrat or Republican came up at the bottom of the screen while they were talking. I then realized that my mindset was more in line with the Republicans. This happened many times. My conclusion was that Democrats made very few intelligent comments or decisions with depth, so that is how I became a Republican.

If I build a successful company like Walmart, I will encourage my unsuccessful employees to unionize to help me manage.

Can you imagine the effect that labor unions have had on successful businesses over time? Unions should be illegal, they help low level employees to gain power to influence the management or owners of businesses. Almost 100% of union demands are self serving, rarely do they vote for anything to help the owners or businesses. If you are the owner, you should be able to hire and fire as you please. If the employees do not like working for you, they should quit!

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List of Democrat & Republican leaning Stores 2012

Toys R Us employees gave $36,000 in contributions to Democrats.

Macy’s employees donated $28,870 to the Obama campaign, and $16,390 to Romney’s campaign.

Macy’s corporate political action committee (PAC) gave $12,000 to Republicans, and $4,000 to Democrats.

Best Buy employees gave $17,662 to Democrats and $22,419 to the GOP

Target store’s contributed $483,777 in individual and PAC contributions, the majority went to Republicans, according to Open Secrets.

Wal-Mart employees and PAC gave $2.7 million to candidates in the 2012. Employee donations leaned Republican.

Wal-Mart corporate political action committee (PAC) gave near equal amounts to both Democrat and Republican candidates.

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